What a year it’s been!

So much can happen in a year. Am I right or am I right? Let’s also be clear, this past year has been an experience like none other. While yes, we were all in it “together” and all weathering the same storm, the fact remains that no one person’s experience of it will be or has been the same. Same storm, but in different ships. Young, old, single, married, kids, no kids, employed, jobless, etc., etc. A worldwide pandemic leaves no one untouched. Some weather the storm better than others, as they have different means, but it doesn’t mean that one person’s experience is more or less meaningful than another.

I think back to almost one year ago, when everything was seemingly certain and I could go about my daily life with barely a worry for the health and safety of my wellbeing and that of my family every time I left the house, which became completely uprooted almost 365 days ago. It’s in these uncertain and crazy times when what truly matters becomes the centrical focus of your life, and for many, this past year has brought into clear focus what really matters to them, and at the heart of it is their wellbeing. Good health is a sought after commodity of the highest value!

No matter who you are, chances are good that life as you once knew it over a year ago looks vastly different than it does today. How did you cope? Maybe you’re one of the many who coped by binging or stress eating, staying sedentary and have found yourself amongst the masses who have succumbed to the “Quarantine 15.” This isn’t a judgement call or to make you feel badly if your wellbeing has taken a toll this past year. We have been in a global pandemic for about a year now, and likely all the “rules” you used to live by no longer exist. My point here is, instead of judging or shaming yourself, first give yourself some grace and cut yourself some slack. That doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to continue to grant yourself the excuses and engage in self-sabotaging and self-defeating behaviors though. First comes grace, then comes adopting a new mode of being.

In my last message to you at the beginning of this year, I encouraged you to commit to prioritizing your wellbeing. So many people are determined to drop the extra pounds they have packed on during this pandemic, and maybe that’s you too, which I truly applaud, but I encourage you to have a sustainable plan. Before you start restricting yourself, cutting food out, and forcing yourself to do activities you don’t like, first start introducing more of the things that make you feel good, such as: drinking more water, moving your body for at least 30 minutes per day with an activity you enjoy, eating nutrient rich foods that give you energy and sustain you, setting aside time each day to sit quietly with your thoughts, and do things that make you happy.

Watch out for the traps. Do not sabotage yourself by putting your focus on a number on the scale. If you care more about a number, than you do about a feeling, then your success will be fleeting and will not be sustainable. What feelings does the number invoke? When in doubt, go for the feeling!!!

Are you committed to feeling good? To reducing your stress and overwhelm? To being at ease, and having more peace and calm? To having more energy?

Are you committed to your growth or to your excuses?

Are you committed to playing the victim or to being the warrior?

Are you committed to action or to apathy?

Are you committed to your fears or to your dreams?

Behind commitment is a passion, where there is no room for apathy or excuses. You can override your fears, when you are more committed to your dreams. It’s not always all-or-nothing, but at times it comes down to making a choice, a decision, and going all in on it and committing to one more than the other.

What are you committed to?

Remember, you do not have to go it alone. You are allowed to ask for help along the way. Want to know what it would feel like to be supported in your commitment to bettering yourself? Schedule a complimentary discovery call and I’ll show you! Right now, I am taking on a limited number of 1:1 clients, and I will also be offering an intimate group program where we will focus on prioritizing your wellbeing — physical and emotional wellbeing — and creating a sustainable plan for you to thrive. (More on this next week!)

Wherever your journey takes you in life, remember the most important commitment you’ll ever make is with yourself. So, I ask you again, what are you committed to? More than anything, I hope your answer is that you are committed to prioritizing your whole being, so you can thrive in optimal wellbeing. That’s what you deserve!

Please, comment below and let me know how you’ve been doing. We may be in different ships, but I’m waving the white flag and letting you know I’m here for you, and I’m ready and willing to be your guide alongside you on this journey.

be well. love mel.

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