Happy New Year!!!


A new year is upon us. Happy 2021! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I say, “Forget about it!” That’s right, I said it. You heard correctly…forget New Year’s resolutions! Well, at least momentarily. Allow me to explain.

There is nothing wrong with resolving to do something. To have resolve or to be resolute in doing something can be a good thing, however, there is something that needs to occur first before the resolution comes into play.  What is it, you may ask? COMMITMENT.

Instead of making a resolution, make a commitment. The most invaluable commitment you will ever make in your life…a commitment to yourself. Decide today, right now in this moment, that you are committed to yourself and to your wellbeing. More importantly, commit to how you want to feel.

So, forget resolve, and instead focus on commitment. By committing to feel a certain way, then you can create boundaries which will enforce how you want to feel.

How does this look exactly?

Let’s say you are committed to feeling good. Drill down even further and be super specific. What does feeling good look like and what does it mean to you? Is it more ease, less stress, being comfortable in your skin, having more energy, etc.? How can you support yourself in feeling this way?


For starters, keep it simple and basic:

  1. Drink more water. If you are someone who likes to check boxes and needs more of a structured approach, then put a number to it…“I will drink 8 glasses of water per day.” If that feels too overwhelming and sounds like an exorbitant amount, then start small. For example, commit to having one glass of water when you wake up in the morning, and a glass of water with or between each meal.
  1. Move your body for at least 30 minutes per day. If exercise feels like a chore, or feels tedious to you, then perhaps you need to find other modes of movement that don’t feel that way. Experiment, get curious and recognize that physical activity does not have to be dreaded. Dance, skip, jump rope, do yoga, ride a bike, go on a hike, lift weights, etc. Be willing to try something new and remain open to moving your body in ways that feel good to you. Again, if 30 minutes feels overwhelming to you, then break it up and do it in smaller bursts. Three 10-minute movement breaks are just as good as 30-minutes all at once. This is not an all or nothing approach.
  1. More veggies, fruits, protein, and nutrient-dense foods. When you fuel your body with nutritious and whole foods, then you are automatically creating less space in your body for the less than nutritious stuff. Before you reach for the processed, out of the box or bag, sugary or salty stuff, first fuel yourself with nutrient-rich foods which leave you feeling satiated and keeps your blood sugar from spiking. If the thought of eating raw broccoli makes you want to gag, then think of ways to make it more palatable. Try sautéing it in ghee or avocado oil, and sprinkle with nutritional yeast, for a delicious and cheesy-like broccoli. Once again, be open and willing to do it differently and to try new things.
  1. Rest and recharge. Whether it is giving your body more sleep, or simply reducing the stress you may be feeling, carve away time for yourself to do absolutely nothing. That’s right, nothing. Take a nap, go to bed earlier, meditate, stare at the wall, whatever it is, just take time for yourself to not do anything and to simply be. This is surprisingly hard for most, especially those go-getters who resist sitting still, and those are the ones who will benefit the most from stillness. If you can’t fathom how to create time for yourself, then start with five minutes. You can absolutely find five minutes for yourself. Yes, you can!
  1. Spark joy. Like most things, joy is individualized. Only you know (and maybe those closest to you too!) what brings you joy. Being outdoors in nature, petting your dog, chatting with your girlfriends, watching Netflix, making jewelry, reading, writing…anything that brings you joy. It is your call! Do more of the things that bring you joy and make you happy.

If you are committed to feeling good and you create boundaries that reinforce it, then when someone offers you a donut, or to skip a workout, or to take on a million responsibilities that you absolutely do not want to do, then you can be guided by your commitment and answer in a way that is aligned with this commitment. Sure, you can say you are committed to feeling good, but if your actions do not back up your commitment, then it becomes meaningless.

Take this commitment to yourself seriously, and prioritize how you want to feel. I am asking you to commit to yourself and make a contractual and binding agreement that you are worthy and deserving of feeling how you want to feel. You simply need to make a commitment to that feeling. The commitment to yourself for how you want to feel is the guiding light behind every decision you make.

Let this mantra guide you:

“I am committed to prioritizing my wellbeing. 

 I am worthy and deserving of feeling _____________.”

If you are serious about this commitment to yourself, but are confused or unsure how to start or how to put it into practice, then I invite you to schedule a free call with me. Lets chat. 2021 is the year of YOU, the year where prioritizing your wellbeing takes center stage, and you commit to how you want to feel. Are you ready to commit to you?

be well. love mel.

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