What if you woke up every day feeling worthy and well? 


Hear me out. When is the last time someone asked you how you were doing and you said, “well” and truly meant it?


Wellness, real wellness – of the soul, body, and mind – is hard to come by, especially in the age of blue screen lights and 10-hour workdays. 


And worthiness? Don’t get me started. The women I talk to struggle with feeling worthy on a daily basis. At home, at work, in relationships, alone in the car – not embracing your worth is like pumping the brakes on your own potential. Imagine how all of that second-guessing and hesitation is getting in the way of your success. 


Because this is what happens. Your brain is overworked, your body isn’t getting what it needs, and you are whispering doubts to yourself on repeat. And the expectation you have is that you should” be able to accomplish whatever you’d like (lose weight, write a book, run a marathon, insert bucket list here) ANYWAY.


We would never place this expectation on a loved one, a valued colleague, hell, we wouldn’t expect it from a stranger. So how do we fix it? Huge hint – not by ourselves. I want women everywhere to wake up in the morning and feel it deep in their bones, “I am worthy and I am well.”


And that’s what I’m about. Real emotions + practical wellness = healing magic. If this resonates with you, then enter your info above to start receiving actionable ideas into your life.


Remember, be generous with yourself. Your well-being is your greatest asset. 


Be well. Love, Mel.






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