Grateful for the love I’ve received from my clients. The most rewarding aspect for me is not in what they have to say about me at the completion of the program, but in how they are living their best life, a life that lights them up and makes them happy. They are living happy and free, and that is the most beautiful thing to me.

It has been a tough couple years – the end of my marriage seemed like the end to my once very happy, productive life. There was a lot of anger and confusion and sadness – lots of sadness – like the type that takes your breath away and leaves you in a heap on the floor in tears.  I was a mess. But then I had kids so I kept going and my rational side knew that my emotional side was in upheaval. I tried a lot of things to pull my shit back together – I drank too much, I stopped drinking, I went to psychotherapy, I did yoga, I ate donuts, I gave up gluten, I slept for extended periods of time, I didn’t sleep, I took antidepressants, I took vitamins and Rescue Remedy, I burned sage, I got bodywork but I wasn’t me.  I started working with Mel and she empowered me in a judgement free way that both inspired, provoked thought and gave me the tools to live my fullest life.  We talked about “crowding out” what didn’t belong, that some things had no immediate answer, how to honestly look at sleep, exercise, diet and time and most importantly, how to manifest my desires and ideals without my mind getting in the way. She supported me in growth and during setbacks. She made me realize I was ok and this is my life – a still happy, productive life. Thank you Mel for helping me to awaken my vision, to forgive myself and to release the mess or at least deal with it when it comes up. You are truly extraordinary.

Carolyn K.

Watch out world, Mel is coming for you! The passion this woman has for her job, clients, and life is unreal. After working 1-1 with Mel, you will understand how much her gift shine through in whatever she does. I am so happy to know her and cannot wait to watch her wings spread even bigger!

Kristi B.

Co-Founder, REVITA5

Mel Rosenstock was thorough, competent and passionate about the information she presented for a vision board workshop.  She took the time to listen and assist each participant who spoke with her in finding their own answers to the questions that will hopefully help them craft their lives with more joy.  Mel has a great combination of both laid back and highly attentive to details when needed.  This allowed me to feel that vision boarding workshop participants would be in good hands for the most interesting program she took charge of leading.

Amy B.

Review for: Vision Board Workshop

Thank you so much for putting this together, for inspiring, for giving me something to think about.

Jen K.

Review for: Vision Board Workshop

Thank you Mel for organizing such an inspiring and empowering event. Thank you for teaching me it’s all about the small steps.

Louba A.

Review for: Vision Board Workshop

The vision boarding party was so much fun! The energy generated from us doing that work together was/is powerful, it felt more like women’s group than simply a vision boarding party.  It certainly exceeded any expectations I may have had about what it would be like. Thanks to you, Mel. I felt/feel uplifted and inspired by what we created together. It catapulted me into the most challenging week with a fresh attitude and perspective.  Waaay better than any “therapy” I’ve done.

Alanda R.

Review for: Vision Board Workshop



“Thought provoking.”

“Supportive, in a safe and non-judgmental way.”

When asked who they would recommend to work with Mel:


“Mom’s, athletes, strong women, families.”

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