LIVE HAPPY+ LIVE FREE, Live the life you were meant to live! The work I do is transformational and space is limited, so please know your commitment level needs to be sky high.

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Individual 1:1 Coaching:

You crave connection, community, engagement, a fulfilled and purpose driven life. You are here to make an impact, a meaningful one at that. You crave balance and contentment…time for your kids, your spouse, yourself, your meaningful work in the world.

Nourishment is what you need, beyond the food you eat. Nourishment for your mind, your body, and your soul. All aspects of your life need to be nourished in order to create a semblance of balance.

How do you do this when you already feel spread so thin and are scheduled to the max?

Let me ask you a question…When was the last time you put yourself first? Maybe it was before kids, or maybe even before that because you were focused on your marriage or your career. Or maybe you have never put yourself first.

You are so good at caring for others…SO GOOD!!! If there was an award for it, you would most definitely receive it. Forget the award though, the lack of attention to your needs is chipping away at your ability to be your best self and to be more aligned with what you truly desire…balance, presence, and freedom.

Sometimes  you can’t think straight because you are frazzled from being stretched at all ends. Resentment, anger, irritability, lack of focus,…there is no balance and it is only a matter of time before you are stretched to your breaking point.

Imagine feeling…deeply connected, having freedom of time to do the things that matter most, and finally living your life on purpose.

This new life as you know it is about aligning your ideals, values and priorities, so that you can be present for your family, and live the life you know you are meant to live.

This is possible for you now. A lifestyle that you can absolutely maintain because it fits you, your schedule, your family, your life. It is not a cookie-cutter plan, but a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.

You have your doubts though. Am I worth it? What if it doesn’t work?

I’ve been there. I haven’t just walked a mile in your shoes, I’ve walked MARATHONS in them. I know what it feels like to be lost, at my wits end, and wondering how I’m ever going to get out of this funk.

When I stopped doing what I thought everyone else needed me to do and started focusing on my needs, EVERYTHING shifted.

I became more present in my life for the things that mattered most, and gave me the freedom to be my best authentic self. In nourishing myself and honoring my desires, I finally had a purpose, and was showing up in the world the way that truly nourished me.

My impact in the world comes from helping women — just like you — live more expansively.

It’s about digging deep into your core desires and honoring yourself.

I’m here to empower you to live your best life, the life you dream of. It is possible for you now and you’re deserve it.

Take it from Carolyn, who was going through a divorce, was in an unimaginable, difficult and very dark place in her life:

“I started working with Mel and she empowered me in a judgement free way that both inspired, provoked thought and gave me the tools to live my fullest life.  We talked about “crowding out” what didn’t belong, that some things had no immediate answer, how to honestly look at sleep, exercise, diet and time and most importantly, how to manifest my desires and ideals without my mind getting in the way. She supported me in growth and during setbacks. She made me realize I was ok and this is my life – a still happy, productive life.”

This is what’s possible for you when you say yes to your desires:

Over the course of four months, we will work together to align your identity with your desires.

You have the support of someone you can trust, who holds you accountable, and is there to see you live your best and healthiest life.

My 1:1 mentorship is for women who have had enough of putting themselves on the back burner, who want more out of their life but aren’t exactly sure what that looks like, it is for women who are ready to say yes to themselves. I know that is you. You are meant for more and you deserve it.

This 1:1 mentorship is open to a very limited number of women, and spots are going fast. Do not wait for the “perfect” time. That time is now.

Let’s hop on a call to see if you would be a good fit for the Mind, Body, Soul…Whole program.

It is time to honor yourself, your voice, your intuition, your purpose. That gentle knock is getting louder, and it’s time to open that door before it shuts for good. You are worthy of stepping into this beautiful life you deserve to live…Mind. Body. Soul. WHOLE. Divine alignment.

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