Happy Valentine‘s Day!

Or as my husband likes to call it, “Happy Hallmark Day.” It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship, single, anti-Valentine’s, or whatever the case may be…it is an irrefutable fact that one of the basic human needs is LOVE and connection. You cannot live without it. It’s true.

It is not only about a romantic kind of love…although, that’s great too! Love is all encompassing. Human beings need to feel connected, whether it is to someone or to something. Love is a primal need by everyone, and it is one of the core drivers of life. If you find yourself constantly seeking, perhaps what’s missing is love and connection, and it all starts with you.

Jumpstart this day of love with the ultimate love-fest for YOURSELF!!! It’s only appropriate that on Valentine’s Day, you shower YOURSELF with loads of LOVE! Give yourself the love you so willingly give to others. Think how you make others feel when you shower them with love and affection, and imagine how it would make you feel if you could give (and receive!) that from yourself. I’m not talking about chocolates and flowers either, but kind and loving words towards yourself, and less criticism and judgement.

Today, forget the notion to “Be Mine.” Instead, Be Yours.” Be your Valentine. Nobody knows what you love more than you, so go on and give it to yourself today and everyday hereafter.

Sending you all my love — today and always!

be well. love mel.

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