Time for a check-in

Month one of 2020 is fading away with only a week of January left. How ya doing?

As promised, this newsletter is a bit different, as I’m giving the message to you via audio. Not to worry, it’s short and sweet. It’s less than five minutes, yet jam-packed with valuable information to make sure you are on the right path. Click play below.

I wanted to remind you the ‘January 2020 – Best You‘ special coaching sessions are still available for a short time. These special one-time sessions will not be around for much longer and especially not at this discounted rate.

In this one-time session we will focus on 1-3 things you are looking to improve upon in your life. Whether it’s finding ways to weave more self-care into your life, navigating a challenging relationship, deciding whether to change careers, or losing weight…whatever it may be, this session is dedicated to helping you be your best self.

You will walk away with a clear plan for ways to prioritize your wellbeing and get you on track to reach your goals. This rate is hugely discounted because I want you to be able to have access to try coaching with me to see how it can help you. Claim your spot here today!

be well. love mel.

P.S. Don’t want the audio version? Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Check out the video below:

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