The Dangerous White Substance…SUGAR!

#HealthTip: Sugar Overload

“The average American now consumes more than 100 pounds of sugar and sweeteners per year. In contrast, Americans consume an average of about 8 pounds of broccoli. The USDA recommends we get no more than 10 teaspoons per day, yet most Americans eat about 30 teaspoons per day.” — Joshua Rosenthal, Founder of IINWould you eat 30 spoonfuls of sugar in one day?

Sugar is a drug, a dangerous one, and it is highly addictive too, yet you don’t need a prescription, it’s readily available, and it is lurking EVERYWHERE. Sure, you may think of it in soda, ice cream and candy, but it is in yogurt, salad dressing, condiments, peanut butter, and in items you would never even imagine contained sugar. (Even more reason to be a food label detective!)

It is an epidemic. Not that you need this many reasons to see how dangerous and destructive sugar is to your wellbeing, but here’s 146 reasons how sugar is ruining your health.

There is so much to say on this topic that I’ll be doing a special 30-minute webinar on how to be more mindful of your sugar intake and share ways on how to reduce it in your life. The free webinar is on Monday, May 14th at 12:30 pm Pacific Time. Spots are limited! Sign-up here. Can’t make it, but want the info? Sign-up and I’ll send you the replay.

Notice I said reduce, not eliminate. Some people preach “no sugar” and I salute them, but that’s not me. I am a realist…I have two children, and eliminating sugar is not a battle I want to fight, but I will warrior on to drastically reduce and limit the amount of sugar consumption. Besides, I can’t live without my dark chocolate.

So, will you join me on Monday? Sign-up and I’ll save you a spot.

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