“Do Less, Be More”

I know, it seems counterproductive, but time and time again, I find this to be true. More often than not, the slower you go, the faster you will get there.

This last week has thrown me for a loop and I have been taking a dose of my own medicine. The #healthtip for this week is REST, and that is exactly what I was doing. Not because I planned to, but because my body said that was what I needed.

Do you wait until your body sends you clear signals (like getting sick) that it is time to rest or are you ahead of the game and rest before it gets to the point that you don’t have a choice in the matter?

Truth be told, resting is not one of my strengths. It is not that I am constantly hustling either, but let’s just say the notion of doing absolutely nothing is a bit elusive for me. Sure, I know the value resting has, and know that slowing down and/or resting is an essential ingredient to one’s overall health and wellbeing. It truly is the key to optimal wellness, and I am working on it.

Being constantly on the go, or in constant “doing” mode is not only crazy making, but it is exhausting, causes unnecessary stress, and only adds to the overwhelm. Guess what happens next? Burnout, sickness, and being downright depleted. When you are forced to rest due to illness, that is your body saying enough is enough, and you need to chill.

Move from doing to simply being.

Do you believe that slowing down actually gets you there faster? There is truth to this. Listen to your body. Rest and replenish.

How do you turn off, shut down, and just rest?

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