December, already? Wow!


The last month of the year is upon us. We have 30 more days until 2017.

To be completely honest, I started out my day feeling a bit bummed…not because it’s December, but because I realize there is only one month left in 2016, and I haven’t accomplished even half of what I wanted to this year. I let myself have a pity party for a few minutes and then I snapped out of it. The year isn’t over yet. Will I accomplish everything? No! BUT…that’s not reason enough to not even try to finish out the year strong.

I could let the year fade away, missed goals and all, or I can keep working at it for the remainder of the year, knowing I gave it a valiant effort until the end. While getting started is of vital importance, it’s all about how you finish.

So, what are you committing to the last 31 days of the year? Do you have a health and wellness goal you are working towards before January 1? How can I help you reach your goals? I am here to support you. You can still snag your no strings attached, nothing to buy, free coaching session! Schedule today to not only finish 2016 strong, but to set yourself up for 2017 to be your best year yet!!

Here’s to a productive, action-packed December!! Let’s do this!!!


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