Ignite Your Sexy


A new season is upon us…happy fall! With the change in season, it is always a good time to do a health check-in to see what’s working and to see what may need to be shifted in order to reach your health goals.

Are you feeling depleted?

Out of energy?

Stressed out?

Hanging on to extra weight?

Overwhelmed and just plain exhausted?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then it is time for a reboot, and it is time to nourish yourself inside and out. It is time to ignite your sexy – no need to bring sexy back – it is already inside of you…it just needs to be fueled.

Join me to ignite your sexy, for a FREE 7-Day Nourished Life Challenge. The fun starts next Monday, October 2nd. Sign-up here to get in on this. You do not want to miss this.

Side effects may include: boosting your mood, increasing your energy, reducing stress, sleeping better, weight loss, reduced cravings, fueling your body inside and out, feeling better and sexier than ever, and FUN. That’s right…these are the best kind of side effects that everyone can use.

Over the course of seven days, you will receive a daily e-mail guiding you through the challenge prompt for each day, which will be a bite-sized actionable item – such as a recipe, workout, or mindfulness component. Every single day incorporates: a smoothie, a salad, and physical activity!

This challenge is for you if you are ready to fall into feeling good with more energy than ever. This is not a diet and you won’t be challenged to exercise for hours on end. No way! This is all about creating sustainable healthy habits. Nothing to buy (other than fresh produce), no equipment needed, no extra time required…only a willingness, determination, and a desire to NOURISH your life. Sign-up here!

Please join me! There is not a single person who couldn’t benefit from doing this challenge. Maybe you aren’t up for it, but maybe you know someone who could really use the support, encouragement and accountability the challenge provides. Please (pretty please!) forward this e-mail to them and share the information about the upcoming challenge!!

Thank you!! I hope you are IN and I’ll “see” you in the challenge on Monday. The resources and tools you will receive (hello, grocery list!) are reason enough to get in on this! Click the button below to join this amazing FREE challenge!

I am IN!






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