Use It or Lose It!

Do you find yourself searching aimlessly for your cell phone only to realize you are holding it in your hand? If you’re feeling forgetful, or that your memory is not quite what it used to be, perhaps your mind needs some stimulating.

You lift weights to strengthen and tone your muscles. You do cardio to keep your heart healthy. What about your brain? What are you doing to keep your mind sharp? Actually, physical exercise also stimulates your brain…we call that a one-two punch (or at least I do!).

#HealthTip – Stimulate Your Mind

How can you exercise and stimulate your brain? Here are a few ways:

1. Read
2. Meditate
3. Do a puzzle, math game, or word search (I’m a big fan of Words with Friends!)
4. Get crafty – draw, paint, sew, play an instrument
5. Take a class and/or course
6. Pay attention to your mental/emotional wellbeing
7. Sleep
8. Connect with people — take it offline and bring it to life
9. Try something new
10. *Eat well – what you eat affects your cognitive function

*Eat well. Hmmmm…what could you eat (and drink) to help optimize your cognitive function?

1. Good Fats – think avocado, nuts, olive oil
2. Fish – avoid high-mercury seafood
3. Water – hydration is critical
4. Green tea
5. Fruits and veggies
6. Antioxidant rich nutrients – blueberries, goji berries, dark chocolate
7. Omega-3‘s and Vitamin B, C, and E (Supplementation is really important and not all are created equally.)

The above lists are in no way complete. There are many ways to stimulate your mind and many foods and supplements you can take to aid your cognitive function. It is important to remember that without use, without exercise, it will atrophy, like any other muscle you have. Use it or lose it!

Now tell me, which things are you going to do this week to stimulate your mind?

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