Actually, I’m infuriated by this message from my industry, and it has to stop.

Yes, I am in the wellness industry, and being in this industry means there is a lot of conflicting and confusing messages constantly bombarding you:

“Carbs are evil.”
“Fat is bad.”
“Eat this. Don’t eat that.”*

You get the idea. (Disclaimer: the above are not my beliefs!) However, there is one message that comes out every single January 1st, and it really pisses me off, more so than the ones above. Why does it make me so angry? Because it is sending false signals that further fuels your limiting beliefs that you are not enough.

What’s the message that has got me so fired up? 

“New year. New you.” 

Yes, those four little words strung together get my blood boiling. This is not only the wrong message, it is a hurtful message. 

There is nothing wrong with you, with who you are right now, and no reason you need to become a new you. Can you be a better version of yourself? Sure, we all can. This message implies you are not enough as you are and you need to become a new you in order to have a good year. It’s wrong on ALL levels.

Do not buy into this hype. In all truthfulness, I did a few years ago, and even tried to spread this message. GULP. What changed? I have done a lot of inner work to realize my worthiness, and now see how damaging this “New year. New you.” message can be. This is why I’m so passionate about spreading the “Worthy & Well” message as far and wide as possible. (More on this soon.)

You are worthy. You are enough. You are limitless. You can conquer your fears and achieve your dreams. You absolutely can, and you can do it as you are right now. You don’t need to be a new you. Instead, aim to improve your wellbeing — being healthier, happier, more fulfilled, and making your wellbeing a top priority.

Happy New Year, my friend! May 2019 be your best year yet, where you prioritize your wellbeing, own your worth, and step into the ultimate version of yourself that is truly aligned with your desires. You’ve got this!

be well. love mel.

P.S. I’ll be announcing new and exciting ways to work with me in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout, or hit reply if you simply can’t wait. 🙂

P.P.S. You can still snag the free workbook on reflection and visioning. Take this gift and give yourself the space to reflect – in gratitude and celebration, and envision what you are bringing to you in 2019.

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