Things do not always go as planned. There will be setbacks and bumps along the way, and you will be blindsided by things you didn’t see coming. You will be forced to make choices you don’t want to make. You will fall. You will be knocked down. Again and again. You are not defined by your falls, but in how many times you get back up and try again.

I recently returned from Arizona, where my family went to support and cheer on my husband who was doing a 100k ultra running race. He trained really hard for this race, has run thousands (yes, thousands!) of miles over the last year, and he was SO ready to tackle this race, and he did for 40 miles. That is when the plan took a turn for the worse, and the unthinkable happened…he tripped on a rock and although he didn’t fall down, his knee took the impact, and he fractured his patella. Needless to say, he had to make a choice he didn’t want to make and call his race done. It’s a huge bummer, no doubt, but he will recover, and come back stronger than ever.

As the saying goes, “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”

Clients come to me for weight loss, and after losing weight, they may gain some back, or have weeks with losing nothing. It’s frustrating, and is not how you want it to happen. This becomes a roadblock where you may choose to give up and call it quits, or you can choose to not buy into your excuses, and decide to see it differently. It is an opportunity to try something different and/or approach it from a new perspective.

Another inspiring client who went through a divorce and had to redefine the relationship with her ex, and create a new family dynamic for her and her kids. Ultimately, she courageously designed a life and relationship with her ex in a way that supports and benefits her and her children. Even still, there are ups and downs along the way, and situations that arise where you feel like it isn’t happening the way you want it to go, and cause you to second guess your decisions.

Sometimes, you may have to take a step back, and reset. It may mean you need to reassess the situation and make a new plan. There is nothing wrong with that, nor is there anything wrong with you for having to do so. What may feel like backwards or stagnant steps, may actually be what you need to set you on a different and/or new path, one which you didn’t even have in your sights.

If you decide the setback is your reason for giving up and quitting, then you are choosing to buy into your excuses. Setbacks are temporary, if that is what you choose to see. You will find the evidence to support either, depending upon where you choose to focus your mindset.

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”

If you find yourself stumbling, stagnant, moving away from your dreams, and you want to change directions, I am here to support you. I have two ways to work with me right now, either in an 8-week group coaching program, or through 1:1 coaching. Contact me and let’s chat about which option may be best to launch you towards your dreams.

be well. love mel.

P.S. If you skipped to the end, because you don’t want to read a lengthy e-mail, then you can watch the video instead.

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