Are You Stressed?

Taxes, work, kids, family, obligations galore…it all adds up, and depending upon how you manage the responsibilities, trials and tribulations of adulting, it may add up to one big mountain of stress. Am I right?

Stress affects all areas of your life — body, mind and soul, and if left untreated stress can kill you. Not to be dramatic, but seriously, stress kills. It can show up as anxiety, depression, acne, back/neck pain, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and a multitude of other health issues. You may not realize how stress is taking its toll on you until your health begins to fail.

As April is national stress awareness month, it only seems fitting to talk about how you can stress less as the #HealthTip for today. Here are 10 ways to manage/decrease stress (in no particular order):

1. Exercise
2. Meditate
3. Laugh
4. Live in the now
5. Gratitude practice/journal
6. Connect with friends
7. Help someone else
8. Breathe
9. Prioritize/manage your time
10. Have fun

Instead of reaching for food, alcohol, or isolating yourself, take a deep breath, call a friend, go for a hike, focus on the now, and give thanks for the good in your life. How do you cope with stress?

Can’t seem to get stress under control? Schedule a complimentary discovery call where we can chat about ways to stress less!

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