You say you’re giving it your all, and hey, maybe you are. I am not here to judge you, nor should you judge yourself, however, the question to ask is: Am I really giving it my all? Really and truly? I am willing to bet that there is room to give more — give more to bettering yourself and to going after the dreams and goals you have.

Are you a “just enough” kind of person or a “give until it hurts” type? Both may have merit in certain situations, but operating solely from these points is likely not helping you. Sure, you can eke by, doing the bare minimum, but how does that make you feel? Or, you can try to do it all and be all to everyone and everything no matter what, but how does that make you feel? (Side note: when you try to do All The Things, you end up doing nothing well.)

Actually, I don’t want to talk about these polar opposites, but a designated space in the middle. There is this space in the middle where you are going for it — working to better yourself, setting goals, and making moves towards the direction of your dreams, but you’re not giving your all at 100%. You are holding yourself back from what you are fully capable of doing and who you are capable of being.

A personal story to shed light on this:

I was on my yoga mat yesterday, stretched into downward dog, and I realized I could stay comfortably where I was, in “just enough” zone, or I could choose to go deeper into the pose. It’s a personal decision, as I’m not being graded or judged for whether I do or don’t give it my all. I could give an inch, push myself a tiny bit more – not to injure myself, but to press the bounds of possibility, and to better my practice.

Next, I found myself in twisting triangle pose, stretching and twisting to a point where I thought (and felt!) I was giving it my all, and in that moment, my instructor came over, and pressed ever so gently on my shoulder, guiding and twisting me even deeper into the pose. It was likely only a centimeter or two, and I realized, she was helping me to see what I never even thought was possible. I thought I had been giving it my all, and yet, I still had more to give.

How often are you operating from a place where you are not allowing your full capability to be expressed? When you give an inch (or a centimeter!) beyond what you think is possible, then you are allowing yourself to stretch and expand the limits that are holding you back. You don’t even recognize how powerful you are, and what you are truly capable of doing. Perhaps what you need is an ever so gentle nudge to push you slightly past the zone of comfort to awaken your full potential.

Are you willing to move beyond the “just enough” and “give until it hurts” modes of being? Are you ready to step into the designated space of giving it your all, plus an inch, to become the best version of you, where you are moving in the direction of your dreams? If your answer is “YES,” then schedule a discovery call with me, and allow me to give you an ever so gentle nudge — that one centimeter could make a world of a difference.

be well. love mel.

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