Emotional Health & Wellbeing

1 in 5 people will be affected by mental illness in their lifetime – National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Chances are, you either know someone who is or that someone is you. Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? The objective is to raise awareness about mental health, reduce the stigma associated with it and promote behaviors that support emotional wellbeing practices.

You can eat the healthiest diet in the world and exercise all day long, but if you ignore your emotional health, then you cannot be your healthiest self. Period. Your wellbeing is dependent upon your emotional health, more so than the food you consume and physical activity you do. Yes, food and physical activity are important components in the equation, but definitely secondary to the primary component — your emotional health.

Your emotional wellbeing is affected by food, physical activity, sleep, and stress, so the interconnection is very real. Do you soothe yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or destructive behaviors? How you soothe yourself matters, especially if you are engaging in habits to numb yourself from actually feeling. When you ignore your emotions, you are disconnecting from your power to heal yourself.

I preach about emotional wellbeing often and for good reason! Your life depends on it. It is actually one of the main topics my chapter focuses on, in the forthcoming book I co-authored, “It’s Not About the Food.” (Launching in early summer!!) Emotional health is your lifeline. It is not about emanating positivity and happiness 100% of the time, but about allowing yourself to honor the feelings you have.

Not only in May, but every single day of your life, you have the opportunity to nourish yourself in body, mind and soul. Nurture your emotional wellbeing. Not sure where to even begin? Schedule a call with me today to learn how to prioritize your wellbeing. It’s for your own good!

be well. love mel.

P.S. I am looking to get my message out there to reach more people like you, so I’d love to know — what are your favorite podcasts, websites, magazines, or TV shows? Hit reply and let me know what you love to listen to and watch!

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