Change From the Inside to Out!

You see, what is going on in your body has a way of showing up on the outside, externally — from your skin, to your nails, to your hair. If you are not nourishing yourself well, then it is going to show on the outside (think brittle nails, dull skin) + you will feel crappy on the inside too, and it can show up as gastrointestinal distress, illness, and downright exhaustion.

The food you eat and drink do play a role, of course, but that is only a piece of the puzzle and not the full picture. Besides the food you choose to nourish yourself with, the supplements you take are another piece to this puzzle. Supplementation (I mean, the name says it all!) is necessary to help keep you operating optimally.

I digress a bit from focusing on the inside to talking about what’s going on outside, more specifically, about my hair. I used to have short hair, like really short hair, and for a very long time too. My hair has been growing steadily though for the last few years, and is probably the longest AND healthiest it has ever been! Want to know my secret? Okay, it’s not a secret…it’s the VITAMINS I take…my daily regimen.

These are not just any vitamins either, because I have taken vitamins for a really long time without near the same result. These are high quality, pharmaceutical-grade, pure, bioavailable vitamins. Did you know that federal law does not require vitamins and supplements to be proven safe by the FDA before marketed? And why should this matter to you? Well, without proper regulation, without standards, there is no certainty about what you are ingesting. The quality of vitamins do make a difference, and if you are interested in reading more about the different grades of vitamins and how they are not all created equally, then you can check out this article I wrote asking if you can trust your vitamins.

For the last four years, every single day, I’ve been taking these vitamins, morning and night, customized for me and my needs. It’s no coincidence I feel better than ever, as does my skin and my hair. While it feels a bit weird to talk about my hair I also know people are curious about the products I use, love and totally believe in. So, there you have it, I owe my long hair to my daily vitamin regimen customized specifically for me!

Want to learn more? I can customize vitamins for you too! Hit reply and let’s get you feeling your best.

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