Do you have a Halloween Hangover?

Halloween begins the sugar-induced fog kick-off of the holiday season and can set you on the path to poor health and self-destruction, if you aren’t mindful of it. You may find yourself raiding the kid’s Halloween candy stash, continuously going back for more (who me??? Yes, you!), despite the way you feel after the sugar fix wears off.

How do you stop this sugary cycle? Limits, boundaries, desire, and perhaps some support. Your mind is playing tricks on you by making you think you need that sugar. Sugar is a drug, an addictive one. It gives you a quick rush, maybe makes you feel better in the moment, and keeps you wanting more and more…until you’re laying in a heap of wrappers, wondering how on earth you got there, and vowing to never eat another mini Twix again. A classic Halloween hangover.

There is another way. Get it out of your house STAT! There are a number of ways to dispose of it without throwing it away…ask your local dentist if they have a Halloween candy buy-back program, or perhaps your local school or church will accept the donated candy to mail to troops overseas. While there are healthier things I would rather send our troops, of course, I still think this is a lovely gesture.

Now, I’m also a realist, which is why I suggest limits and boundaries. Maybe you don’t have the willpower to say “No,” and hey, no judgements here…but, if that is the case, then you’ve got to make it go away. Before making it go away, decide how many pieces, within reason, you will keep to indulge in. Set a realistic boundary – I suggest no more than five. Remember, this is a drug, and the more you indulge, the more you will crave it and the cycle perpetuates. Also, there are better and worse varieties of candy. Better being chocolate – especially of the dark variety (Hello, antioxidants!), and worse being dyes, partially hydrogenated oils and artificial chemicals. Avoid the latter, so even if you do have some candy, it’s not poisoning your body.

You can set all the limits and boundaries you want, but if you have no desire to get out of this self-induced, sugary funk, then it will be a short-lived sugar sobriety. Why do you want what you want? How do you want to feel? Get clear on that, and it will be infinitely easier to say “No,” and to kiss the Halloween haze of candy goodbye. Go beyond saying, “I want to feel better.” While this is a good start, there needs to be more clarity, more specifics, and more desire behind it. The clearer and more specific you are about how you want to feel, then the more real the vision becomes, and your desire then supersedes your craving.

Lastly, maybe you need some more support and accountability to get rid of the sugar cravings? My clients and customers have had great results in kicking their sugar cravings to the curb with a 5-day sugar buster Reset. Over the 5-days, you curb your sugar cravings, lose weight in the process, and feel confident in knowing you can manage your sugar cravings moving forward. It is not an all shakes and no food diet, so rest assured knowing you do get to eat real food, in addition to these yummy shakes.

How would it feel to head into the holiday season in full control of your cravings and actually lose weight? It is possible and I am here to support you and keep you accountable. Are you ready? Hit the button below to get started!

Yes, I want to RESET!


Here’s to the sweet life without all the sugar!

Be well. Love Mel.



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