Overwhelm can sink you, if you allow it.

These days, the badge of “busy-ness” is thrown around like it’s something to be proud of, or like you are trying to prove something. The reality is, there is no award for being busy, nor is it even something to strive to be. In fact, you run the risk of a multitude of issues, ailments, and unnecessary stress when you allow the “busy-ness” to supersede your wellbeing.

What does being super busy even doing for you? Is it driving you to the land of overwhelm? It’s not a land I care to live in, nor should you. I was treading my way out of it and wanted to share what I learned in the process, which you can check out in this video here.


Now, I get that everyone is busy, I do. However, look at what you are doing to create this busy-ness, and is it helping you or hindering you? Is it leading you to the land of overwhelm, making you feel like your drowning? There is another way. You can swim your way out of it.

Tell me, what do YOU do when you are overwhelmed?

Be Well. Love Mel.

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