Sometimes you need to zoom in to see out…All 500 pieces were splayed on the table, white tiger, flowers, birds, sky, stars…it was a doozy of a puzzle. Silly me, I thought this would be a fun family activity that would enable us to disconnect from our electronics and connect to one another in a new way. HA! After about 10-minutes, and only a handful of pieces that fit together, everyone had called it quits, myself included. It was too overwhelming, and once they all started dropping out, I wasn’t willing to go it alone.

Well, after staring at these hundreds of puzzle pieces on the coffee table for weeks on end, I made a choice — to finish what we started. I hoped to bring my family back on board, but I resolved to go it alone. As I looked from the pieces on the table to the picture on the box, I was getting increasingly frustrated at how hard and seemingly out of reach this project was turning out to be.

I knew in order to tackle this puzzle, I needed a new plan and a strategy. In order to see the bigger picture, I had to remove all of the pieces on the table and restart with a new plan. I had to zoom in on one area, one focus, in order to see my way out. Are you wondering what on earth my puzzle dilemma has to do with wellbeing? Well, lucky you, I’m going to tell you!

Life gets overwhelming, and it can be difficult to see what your next step should be when you are so in it, and can’t see your way out of it. Sometimes you need to simply walk away from the situation for a bit, and/or shift your position to get a new perspective. Maybe it means halting what you’ve started, throwing it all to the wayside, and putting the pieces back together from a new angle.

Let this be a wake-up call that it doesn’t have to be so hard, and you don’t need to focus on ALL areas at once. Pick one area of focus — ONE. Zoom in on that one thing, and then you will be able to see your way out. I say this often, but it’s worth repeating, you are not meant to do it alone. You have the ability to ask for help and support — from your family, friends, colleagues, and you know what else, it is okay to pay for help and support too. Yes, when you pay someone, then you are inviting a (hopefully!) non-judgmental, bi-partisan person in to help you zoom in on what you can’t even see, and to help you to see your way out. Be it a coach and/or a therapist, asking for help is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Another reminder, I am here to help you sort through the pieces of the puzzle. I cannot solve it for you, that is not my role. I can, however, ask you the questions that will guide you to you solving it for yourself. Schedule a discovery calltoday, to see how together we can zoom in to see out, and design a life you love!

be well. love mel.

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