You are focusing on the wrong thing(s)!

“It’s easy for you to say/do.”

“Well, you’re so disciplined and you have the willpower.”

“When I lose the weight, or get to a certain point in my life, then I will work with you and hire you as my coach.”

These are all statements I have heard multiple times over from a wide variety of people. While the people who have said them may hold these statements to be true, they are absolutely 100% false.

“It’s easy for you to say/do.” FALSE
It may appear easier, but that is only a perception, and a story you are telling yourself about why it can’t be easy for you. Now, I am not diminishing the fact that some things aren’t exactly easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you are making it out to be. Be careful about comparing yourself to what you see someone else saying/doing, because you don’t have the full story about what it took for them to be where they are, and your definition of easy and theirs are likely not the same.

“Well, you’re so disciplined and you have the willpower.” FALSE
Discipline and willpower are available to everyone. I wasn’t born with more discipline and willpower than you were. Nope, we all get equal amounts, and it is available to you whenever you decide to exercise these resources. Also, all the discipline and willpower alone will not create results. Determination and deliberate action produces results. When you are determined and take deliberate action, then discipline and willpower exponentially increase, and do so with a sense of ease, which then appears as “It’s easy for you.” (See how that works!)

“When I lose the weight, or get to a certain point in my life, then I will work with you and hire you as my coach.” FALSE
This is an excuse, which perpetuates the cycle of keeping you stuck and not getting you to where you want to be. You create a false set of “rules” for yourself by saying you need to get to another level before you will allow yourself to feel a certain way, or take certain actions. This is not to say you have to hire me or work with me in order to get results, but I am saying you cannot create a different reality by continuing to do what you’ve already been doing, and then expect to see different results. Stop waiting to get “there” before you deal with being “here.”

This stopped me in my tracks while out on a run the other day. “Go after what you want, or you will never have it.” If you don’t ask, then you will never know the answer. The only thing falling from the sky (and lots of it lately in Southern CA) is rain. Your dreams are not going to magically fall into your lap. You have to create your vision, make a move, and go after it. Determination and deliberate action.

Don’t wait until you get to where you think you should be before you go after what you want. So, what move are you going to take today to go after what you want? If you don’t know what your next move should be, then schedule a call with me to talk about the options available to you.

be well. love mel.

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