I’m Talking About the Scale of Prioritizing Yourself!

Where do you land on the scale of prioritizing yourself and your wellbeing? Be honest! If you are not at an 8, 9, or 10, then can you tell me why you haven’t signed up for the FREE “Me First Method” Challenge?

Maybe I didn’t do justice in explaining exactly what the FREE Challenge is all about, so let me do my part in making sure it is absolutely clear what it is and why it is so important for your wellbeing.

The “Me First Method” Challenge is a 5-day event where I give you the exact method of how to put your wellbeing at the top of your to-do list, and more importantly, why it is a necessity to do so. Yes, a necessity – like your life depends on it, because it does! You will get a daily e-mail with small, actionable and very doable steps to help you prioritize your health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

This is about putting yourself on your own radar, so you can feel energized, abundant, and empowered to make the best choices for yourself. It’s about connecting you to why this is a necessity and how important it is to prioritize yourself. This method is the start to creating a life you are wildly obsessed with, and the first step is deciding your wellbeing is worth this 5-day commitment.

This is not a diet or exercise regimen. This is a lifestyle, and a very manageable one at that. Now, it’s not called a challenge for no reason, which is why I don’t use the words simple or easy. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard or difficult either, but the idea is to challenge you to step outside of what you are used to and to transform the way you prioritize yourself. The other important piece to this is you are not alone. There is a community of people who are challenging themselves right alongside you, which creates powerful momentum + I will be there every step of the way to guide, coach, and support you – for FREE!!

Image designed by: Rachel Moreau

So, now that you have a bit more insight into what it is, tell me what is really holding you back from saying “Yes,” and making a commitment to yourself to prioritize your health and overall wellbeing? Seriously, let me know and let’s troubleshoot these excuses that are getting in the way of taking care of yourself. You must choose YOU!

I would be absolutely thrilled to have you join, because it would signal that you are ready to commit to prioritizing yourself, your health and overall wellbeing. It all starts on Monday, October 1st, so don’t delay. Click the link to join the Me First Method” 5-Day Challenge, and I can’t wait to see you land as a “10” on the scale of prioritizing yourself!

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