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Hello, hello!

Now, I realize it is not Tuesday, yet I wanted to share something with you that I do on Tuesday’s over on my Instagram and my Facebook pages. It’s a new thing I started a few weeks ago called: Health Tip Tuesday.

Maybe you’ve seen my posts? If not, then you are in luck because I am sharing it again here. If you have seen it, then you are still in luck, because health tips are certainly worth repeating over and over again.

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Health Tip: Watch Your Language

Nope, I’m not talking about the four-letter word of choice, but the not so subtle words that color your life in a different way. You see, the words you choose to say to yourself make a difference in how you operate. Have you ever talked yourself into or out of something? Words are powerful!

This is a tip to help you to be mindful of the words you choose to use. All it takes is a mere shift in word choice to completely alter your perspective. Most times that is really all you need, a simple twist.

Whether it’s exercise or opting for healthier food choices, it shouldn’t feel like a chore, so why are you selling it to yourself in that way? Instead, reframe it to be something you get to do and how fortunate you are to have that option. A change of words can truly change your life.

Watch your language and you will see the amazing shifts that will occur because of it.

What word choice can you commit to shifting today, this week, this month? Remember, it may be as simple as a one word shift from “have” to “get.” Maybe it is also about asking yourself a different question to get to a better answer.

May your week be full of colorful word choices that paint the picture of the life only you can create.




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