Weekly #HealthTip – RECEIVE



This time of year lends itself to the overwhelm of gift-giving. My guess is you are great at giving. Giving is like second nature to you, and you don’t question it often, because you’re a giver.

How are you at receiving?

What do you do when someone pays you a compliment? Or when someone offers to help you? Or when given a gift? Do you openly receive it or do you deflect the gift, the help, the compliment, etc.?

How you respond to these situations says a lot about how you are at receiving.

When someone wants to give you something and you are not so willing to receive and/or accept it, then it becomes a great opportunity to ask yourself why. Do you not feel worthy? Does your acceptance of the gift diminish or take away from the person on the giving end?

This is something to think about, but not something to judge yourself for doing. It is meant to bring an awareness, so the next time someone gives you something, you are ready to openly receive it. Receive it without deflecting, without wondering if it is deserved — simply receive.

When you give a gift, how do you want it to be received? What if you could receive in the same way you wish for your gift to be received? Try it out. The next time someone gives you a compliment, offers to help, or gives you a gift, simply say “Thank you.” Receive and accept.

As you close out the remaining days of 2017, give to yourself, the gift in receiving. Cheers to a Happy New Year!! Wishing you all the best today, tomorrow and always!!

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