Happy Friday!

Do you spend a lot of time obsessing about the destination? This could be the literal destination, or it could also be a metaphorical destination, like achieving a goal you’ve set for yourself. Whether literal or not, the destination is practically irrelevant.

If you are hyper focused on the destination, then you are short-changing yourself, and you are missing out on what it is really all about. What is it all about, you may be wondering? The journey. The finish line is nothing without the journey it takes to get there.

Don’t be in such a rush to reach your goal, to get to the end, to be done, have it over with, that you miss the most important part. It is all about the journey. Now, that doesn’t mean the journey is always going to be fun, because let’s be real, it just isn’t so. However, there is much to be learned from the not-so-fun times too, and if you are quick to sweep them away, then guaranteed they will come back to you until you deal with it.

It is about remaining present on the journey, learning from the good and bad, successes and failures, and all that is in-between. If you are skipping out on the middle to get to the end, then you will find yourself back at the beginning again and again. Stay the path, embrace the journey, which will sweeten the destination and thereby make it meaningful and relevant.

Happy Friday! Cheers to the weekend and to you!



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