Eat For the Season

The temperatures are warming up and the light is emanating until later in the evening, which must mean Spring is in the air! With the change in seasons, you may also notice a change in your mood too.

Seasonal changes can affect your mood, as can the food you eat. Have you ever experienced a sugar or caffeine crash, or the tryptophan induced haze from your turkey dinner that leaves you feeling super sleepy? If you have food sensitivities, then you may notice other irregularities that leave you feeling foggy, bloated, or with a nasty headache, after consuming certain foods.

So, if seasons and foods affect your mood, then how you eat during the seasons also affects you and your mood. Do you notice how you crave certain types of foods during particular seasons? The cravings are your body’s way of balancing the elements the season brings. Your body is very smart. It knows what it wants, yet somehow your mind may be sending it conflicting information. By design, your body wants you to eat with the seasons.

With the emergence of spring comes a rebirth, a renewal of sorts, which is the perfect time to rethink the foods you eat, and give your eating a refresh. At the onset of spring, your body is craving a “detox” by incorporating foods designed to do exactly that. Just as you peel off your layers of clothing with the warmer weather, it’s also a time to scale back on the heartier foods you’ve been coating your insides with.

When it comes to spring eating, think fresh herbs, leafy greens, salads, and citrus fruits. Other great detoxifying foods are: cruciferous vegetables, lemon, green tea, apples, garlic, turmeric, ginger, and blueberries. Head to your local farmers market to get an idea of what is “in season” and fresh.

My favorite products that support healthy digestion and detoxifying the body are USANA® Probiotic and Hepasil DTX™. These are pharmaceutical-grade supplements that support you at the highest level, and give your body what it needs to thrive.

Spring cleaning is not just for your closet, but for your body and the food you eat too. Think of it as a decluttering and clearing out your body of what no longer serves you in this emerging season.

Happy Spring!

be well. love mel.

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