You can go down the road you’ve always known or take the road less traveled. (Yes, I did just reference a classic 80’s rock song and a very well known poem from over a century ago – how’s that for juxtaposition?!) Here’s the thing: the known road or the uncertain path — both have merit.

There is more than one path available to you! Simply because you’ve been down a road before doesn’t necessarily mean it should deter you from going down that same road again. Or, perhaps it means exactly that — it is time to try a new trail — a less certain path. What if you couldn’t make a wrong choice? Would that influence your decision?

Different times in your life will call for different paths. If taking the road you’ve always known is going to get you to where you’ve always been, and you are looking to go somewhere else, then maybe it’s time to leave certainty and trudge your own path into the unknown. What if, instead of looking at it as uncertainty, you changed it to see it as possibility and opportunity?

Again, there are many paths, and each with their own challenges, roadblocks, and adventures. It doesn’t so much matter which path you choose, as how you approach whatever path is in front of you. It is about putting one foot in front of the other, taking the steps forward (even if you don’t know exactly where it leads!!!), and honoring the journey you are currently on.

Be open to inquiry. Be open to uncertainty. Be open! Ask yourself this question: do I want what I already have or do I want something different? Maybe you know you want something different, but have no idea how to get there. Start with a decision that you are committed to something different. Choose one thing to focus on per day. Ask for guidance, and be open to accepting help. You are not alone.

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“It’s not about the destination…it’s all about the journey.”

Be it the road you’ve always known, or the road less traveled, what matters most is your state of mind while traveling it.

be well. love mel.

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