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Chew Well. You chew without even thinking about it, but maybe it’s time to give it some thought. Digestion actually begins before it gets to your stomach, it begins in your mouth. This is why it is critically important to chew well. (That’s your #HealthTip of the week: Chew Well!) When you chew your food thoroughly, then your body will better be able to assimilate nutrients, which means that by chewing well you are aiding your digestion.

Do you eat super fast? Have you ever scarfed down something so fast that you found yourself saying, “Wow, where did that food even go?” When you chew well, then it slows down your eating, which then gives your brain time to register that you are full before you overeat and consume more than you need. Did you know that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full? When you chew your food well and slow down your eating, then you’ll feel full on less food.



Another way to slow down your eating? Put your fork down between bites. It’s a meal, not a race. Think turtle pace when you’re eating.

Try it out, and see how it shifts not only how much less you’ll need to consume, but also how much it aids in your digestion. Guess what else happens? It gives you time to savor and enjoy what you’re eating. Winning!!

What are you chewing on today? Remember, it is not about how many times you should chew your food, but it is all about slowing down, staying present and simply chewing your food well.

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