“You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Have you ever been looking all over for your keys or cell phone only to find out they are actually in your hand? Maybe tunnel vision is blinding you to what has been there all along. Perhaps a birds eye view will enable you to see more clearly.

Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to see fully. When you are so focused on the small details, issue, problem, goal, etc., then you lose sight of the bigger picture.

A mere shift in perspective is all it takes.

Health Tip:  Perspective Shift

With head down, blinders on, focused on getting to wherever it is your going and/or your goal, you may miss the opportunities of possibility. I get that it can be difficult to see it from another perspective when you are so “in it.”

That is what I do as your coach — helping you to see from another perspective, and shifting to see what is possible.

If you are simply going through the daily motions of life feeling stuck, without direction, knowing you want more out of life, and are unsure of what you need to do to get you from where you are to where you want to be, then schedule a free discovery call today to see how I can help you to open up to seeing things from another angle. Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out what has been there all along.

It’s not your eyes, it’s your view. Ask yourself, what can I shift to open my perspective to create a new reality? (Hint: I know one way.)

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