One of my words for this year is DELIBERATE.

I’m now wearing it on my wrist to serve as a daily reminder to stop acting out of habit and instead take deliberate action. It’s about changing the way I see, think and operate. Look, we all have habitual thought and action patterns, and it’s safe to say some of them you may not even realize are doing more harm than good, because acting out of habit will get you where you’ve always been…not to where you want to go.

Most of the thought patterns that are sabotaging your wellbeing come from your subconscious being, so you are not even aware of how these thoughts are keeping you from losing the weight, feeling good about yourself, reaching your goals, and being the person you know you want to be. Simply because you’ve always done something a certain way is not reason enough to continue doing it…unless of course it’s moving you towards your goals AND it is not harming you. Not all habits are bad! It’s the habits you aren’t aware of that are keeping you stuck and that are sabotaging your success that need to be given the heave-ho!

If they’re subconscious, then how can they be shifted, you may be wondering? Excellent question, my friend. AWARENESS is the answer. I get that you’re not quite convinced yet on HOW to implement this. Worry no more, I’ve got you covered when you sign up for the “Me First Method” Challenge starting next Monday, February 11th.

I want to help you shift your thoughts to help and empower you to feel happier, healthier, and loving your life. Your “word” doesn’t need to be DELIBERATE, but your action does. Choose one thing you will do differently – deliberately – today, for the sake of your wellbeing. Start by signing up for the “Me First Method” Challenge. It’s FREE, and it’s 5-days of taking deliberate action to prioritize YOU and your wellbeing.

We start on Monday, February 11th, and to make sure you get in on this life-changing challenge, click here to sign-up!

So, what thoughts and actions are keeping you from putting your wellbeing as a priority?

be well. love mel.


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P.S. Don’t feel like reading a lengthy blog post? Watch the video instead.

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