One person’s food is another person’s poison…

There are hundreds of dietary theories and for good reason…what works for one does not work for all. Food is fuel, but depending upon the food and the individual, food can also be poison. Yes, poison. Now, it may not kill you instantly, but it’s killing you slowly over time, and perhaps even taking the joy out of your life.

Have you ever noticed how you feel directly following eating or drinking certain things? Do you feel energized or foggy? Do you need to run to the bathroom, or maybe you just want to take a nap? Perhaps the food you are consuming may just be the culprit contributing to how you are feeling.

Whether you suffer from migraines, horrible allergies, anxiety, depression, gut issues, etc., many of these things can be linked and/or even cured by food. Okay, so what are you to do? How can you figure it out?

The weekly #HealthTip is a Food Journal. The best way to know if what you are consuming is triggering a reaction in you is to keep a food journal. The insight you will get is the doorway to understanding if you are fueling or poisoning yourself. That’s worth a few minutes of your time. Don’t you think?

Here are the important items to include in your food journal:

  • Time of day
  • What you ate (this is for your eyes only, so be honest!)
  • What are you doing at the time of eating? (Driving, watching TV, with friends, at your desk, etc.)
  • How do you feel — emotionally and physically? (bored, sad, headache, gassy, bloated, etc.)

Also, with the question of how do you feel, take it one step further and write down how you feel right after eating and then how you feel two hours later. It is not always an immediate reaction, so it is important to come back to it within two hours to accurately gain the insight into how you feel.

Try it for one week to notice any patterns and get a good idea of what your body is feeling. This could be the cure for what ails you. Remember, this does not have to be cumbersome or time consuming. You can even do it in the notes section of your phone, but it is important to make sure it is “written” somewhere and not simply in your head.

Do you need help decoding what you find? Send me a note and let’s chat.

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