It’s True…

Have you ever “spilled the beans” a bit too soon or shared something before it was meant to be shared?

Well, I am raising my hand high on this one. I confess, I did it.

I have been behind the scenes creating an amazing 28-day program, which I have been bursting at the seams to share with all of you. I alluded to it two weeks ago, and then again last week when I mentioned I had something super exciting to share with you. That part is true. It is SO exciting because this program is the catalyst of change to catapult you into your healthiest you. For real!

The truth is, I let my excitement get the best of me, and I was rushing to have it ready to run mid-August, but as I told my daughter the other day, “haste makes waste.” I need to take a dose of my own advice and not be hasty in getting it out there. At the same time, I really pride myself on honesty, and didn’t want to keep stringing you along telling you I have exciting news to share to only keep saying I’ll share it next week.

So, I “spilled the beans” a bit too soon in letting you know I had something exciting to share. Now you know what I I’m cooking up and you have insider knowledge about this new 28-day program, which will kick off in September.

I’m going to give you a sneak peek into the NEW Be Healthy 28-day program, so you can get excited with me. You are the first to hear about it!!

The Be Healthy Program is a 28-day plan where you are given all of the tools you need to get your health on track and to keep it there. This program is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle plan. It is for the person who wants to up level their health and/or get their health back on track.

I do not believe in a quick fix, deprivation diets, or counting calories, because those things are not sustainable. Instead, it’s about creating new healthy choices that become a lifestyle habit. The other thing I know to be true is that change and new habits form when you are in an environment that supports and encourages this, which is why this group program is so powerful.

Everything you need is provided for you — sample meal plans, grocery shopping lists, healthy eating guides, live coaching calls, and all of the tips, tools, and resources readily accessible to you on living a healthy lifestyle with ease.

The Be Healthy 28-day program will kick off Monday, September 4th. I have SO much more to share with you about how this program is different than any other program out there, and why this is the one program that can change your life forever. This is just your sneak peek! More to come soon.

If you’re interest is piqued and you want to get yourself on the waiting list before the doors are open, then simply comment below or send me an e-mail. Remember, 28-days can change everything!

Phew…I feel better confessing about my premature announcement. Now you are in the know and can get excited too!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. If you are looking for more support in being your healthiest you, then schedule your complimentary discover call. Act now!

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