You get to decide how it will go…

Here in the States, in one week, the Thanksgiving celebration will be well underway. It’s a favorite holiday of mine and I always look forward to celebrating with my family. Many people share the same sentiment as me, while others dread the holiday and feel like they are simply trying to survive it.

Maybe you have an unruly or crazy relative that always seems to complicate the situation and you find yourself hiding the alcohol to avert disaster. Perhaps you feel resentful that you spend all the time in the kitchen while everyone else is chatting away or watching football. The holiday’s can bring up a host of emotions, so it is important to remember you are not responsible for managing everyone’s emotions…only your own.

It is up to you how you want it to go. You get to decide. Now, that doesn’t mean you can control every outcome, but you get to decide how you are going to show up, and how you are going to act. I often ask my clients to set an intention before starting a program, so they are empowered to set the tone for how they want it to go. You can do the same for Thanksgiving, or any holiday or event.

Set an intention for how you want Thanksgiving to be. Decide how you are going to show up, and take it a step further, and decide what and how much you will eat in advance. Simply because everything is available to you, does not mean it is an invitation for all of it to be eaten. Be intentional and mindful of your actions and your reactions – whether it be with food and/or with people.

What can you do to bring you the most joy (and no headache!) on this day of thanks? Maybe it’s a new tradition you’ve been wanting to start, or continuing one that’s been in place since you were a child. The best part is, it is up to you! I can already sense objections to that last thought, “But I’m not the host, or it’s out of my control.” I’m not suggesting there isn’t any truth to it, but you are the one in control of your emotions and your reactions, and you get to show up as you choose.

Start thinking about it now, not on Thanksgiving morning, so you have time to set your intention for how you want it to go.

Be well. Love Mel.

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