The Spiritual Door…

Stick with me here, even if spirituality isn’t your “thing.” It wasn’t mine for a long time, or so I thought.

Two weeks ago, the health tip was Move Your Body. Last week it was Stimulate Your Mind. So, of course, this week’s health tip is soul driven. #HealthTip – Ignite Your Soul.

I ask often, “What fuels and nourishes your soul?”

Much like you exercise your body to strengthen your muscles and engage your mind to keep focused, the other component of the wellbeing triad is to ignite your soul. Exercise is essential in all realms — body, mind and soul.

How do you exercise your soul you may be wondering? This one is deeply personal for you. I can give you some suggestions, but you are the only one who knows what practices ignite you on a soul level.

A spiritual practice is individualized. For some that may mean going to church and praying, for others it may mean going on a hike in the mountains, or practicing yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, staring at the ocean, traveling, reading, etc. There are a zillion ways to engage in a spiritual practice.

For many years I didn’t believe I was a spiritual person. I shunned it, actually…until I awakened, connected to and ignited my soul. The truth is I am a spiritual person, I have always been that and so are you. We are all spiritual beings. It is about accessing and awakening the part of your soul that has laid dormant and igniting it, giving you fuel and nourishment on a deep soul level.

Spirituality is within all of us. The door of spirituality, of our soul, is always there. It is about being open to the idea of whatever spirituality means for you. You get to define what that looks like. The key is in your hands and you can open the door to your soul and access it at any time.

So tell me, what ignites your soul?

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