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August is here, signaling the end of summer is drawing near — WOWZA!!

It’s been an exciting week here at Mel Rosenstock Health Coach Headquarters. Our family expanded by one on Monday, when my grand-niece made her entrance into the world. I’m now a Great Aunt, and proud of it!! It’s hard to imagine that my “not-so-baby” nephew is now a Daddy, which means my sister is now a Grandma, and my parents are Great Grandparents. It’s unbelievable and amazingly special.

Here’s a peak at the precious peanut, named Stella Anne.










Photo by: Jacob Vincent, the proud papa

I couldn’t resist sharing this special news. Anytime you have special news to share, please comment below or send me an e-mail, as I’d love to hear it. Seriously…things are meant to be shared and celebrated together. I read every single e-mail!!

Now onto the topic at hand — HABITS. No one is immune to them, as everyone has them, good and bad. Let’s cast all judgements aside for now as to whether the habits you have are good, bad or otherwise, and simply take a moment to recognize them. Since many of them are likely done without much thought, then it will take a dose of mindfulness to recognize what your habits actually are. I’m talking about habits beyond those like brushing your teeth, the other things you do on a daily basis — drinking coffee? something you eat? driving the same route to work? an activity you do?

I did a short Facebook Live video earlier today on this topic. Check it out below!

Habits can make or break you, and you get to choose which it will be. Either you can make your habits or they can make you.

I gave a sneak peak last week into the Be Healthy 28-day program launching in September. The idea behind this program is creating a new habit, a healthy one. As I mentioned, it is a 28-day plan where you are given all of the tools you need to get your health on track and to keep it there. This program is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle plan. It is for the person who wants to up level their health and/or get their health back on track.

I am beyond thrilled to get this program out into the world, and to know several of you are already interested in participating. You will have all of the details in your inbox next week — I promise!! (Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter! Sign-up here.) You will be the first to know and have all of the insider info, including early access and early bird pricing.

Habits can be changed. It may take some time to unlearn and/or reprogram those that have been ingrained in you for awhile, but with awareness and desire, it absolutely can happen. The Be Healthy program will walk you through it by adapting new healthy behaviors that will contribute to your success.

Think about it, and let me know, what daily habits do you have that either contribute to or take away from your success?

Have a great weekend!



P.S. If you are looking for more support in being your healthiest you, then schedule your complimentary discover call. Act now!

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