You Can’t Get By Without It…


Primary food (Hint: NOT the food you eat!) nourishes you beyond the plate, and fuels you on a soul level. One of the four pillars of Primary Foods is RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships come in many forms: spouse, partner, friends, co-workers, parent/child, etc., and each connection will be different than another, but all beautiful just the same.

Meaningful relationships uplift us and enable us to develop deep connections with loved ones. Being able to have open and honest relationships feeds your soul, giving you a secondary source of energy, and nourishing you in a way that food cannot.

Connection is a fundamental human need. Much like you can’t live without water, I would also argue that you cannot live without connection to another being.

Not all relationships are healthy, so it is important to examine the quality (not quantity!) of your connections. Questions you can ask yourself: Do I feel heard? Is the interaction energizing or exhausting? Am I uplifted or depleted? How can I be a better source of connection for others?

Think of how you want to be supported in your many relationships and offer that to others, because sometimes what you think others may need is actually what you are seeking most.

Life is meant to be lived in connection with others. If you are seeking an uplifting, energizing, supportive community where you will be heard and seen, then join the group coaching experience beginning May 1st. (8) weekly group coaching sessions + a community of 10 women seeking the deep bond and connection of sisterhood, empowering you to go from stuck to FREE!!


Have questions? Comment below and/or let’s hop on the phone to see if this is the right program for you. If you are a “Hell Yes!” then apply here.

What do you seek to gain or give from CONNECTION?

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