Weekly #HealthTip: Do the Work — ALL of It!

Happy July!

Do you feel differently when you work really hard to achieve something vs. when you put in mediocre effort?

My daughter, Rio, has been going to karate for almost two years now, and she’s moving up the ranks on her way to getting her black belt. Once they reach a minimum of classes and are able to complete the skills for a certain level, then they are signed off to move on to the next belt.

While she met the class requirement for her sign off, at every class after, the Sensei wouldn’t sign-off for her belt test. Yes, she was showing up to class, and participating, but not fully. She was committed, but wasn’t putting in the level of effort she was capable of doing. Sometimes, showing up is not enough.

Just like showing up to the gym and checking Facebook while on the stationary bike is not really giving you the workout that you came for. Now, no judgement here, but it is more an awareness check to get real with yourself and to ask if you are really doing the work you are capable of doing to get you to your goal. The other question to ask is, how fast or slow do you want to go to get there?

Consider this Part II, an addendum to last week’s #HealthTip about commitment. Yes, it goes beyond saying what you are committed to and actually putting words into action, AND it even goes a step further.

The way you show up and how you act on that commitment matters. Are you half-assing it or are you really giving it your best effort? Now, maybe it’s not always about giving 110% on all commitments across the board, and I get that, but if it is something you are truly committed to, if it is something you truly desire, then by all means, go beyond the “old college try” and do the freakin’ work — all of it. This doesn’t mean it has to be hard, it doesn’t mean it’s going to suck, it simply means you have to match the level of effort to the desire of this commitment.

Commitment + Action + EFFORT = Goal Attained!

I’m proud to say, Rio did check in with herself, and her level of commitment and matched the level of effort to earn her next belt, a 2nd degree brown belt. You better believe she was even more proud of herself, because she knew how hard she worked to get there.

Bottom line is, you’ve got to do the work — all of it!

We are halfway through the year, only 179 days left in 2018, so what work do you have to do to get you to your goal(s)? While I can’t do the work for you (spoiler alert: nobody can!), I can support you along the way. If you are ready to step into the person you know you are capable of being, living the life you desire to live, then schedule a call today to see if working together is the fast track way to your goal(s). Maybe, just maybe, that is your work to do.

In 179 days, where do you want to be? How bad do you really want it and what are you willing to do to get there?

P.S. In case you’re wondering…yes, Rio gave me permission to share this story and picture with you. 🙂

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