Weekly #HealthTip: Challenge What You Know


You change and evolve (hopefully!) over time and in doing so, many times your beliefs/thoughts remain the same, which can be problematic, as it stagnates your change and evolution. It’s time to challenge what you think to be true.

How you defined “HEALTHY” or “SUCCESS” ten years ago, may not be the same way you define it today and just because Merriam-Webster defines it one way does not mean that is the definition you need to adopt for yourself. It could be a baseline for you, but these and so many other terms are to be interpreted by you and for you.

I challenge my clients ALL of the time to examine the definitions that have been embedded in their minds by an outside source, which may or may not be true. Plus, how cool that you get to decide what it means for you instead of adapting to a blanket definition that limits you and your capabilities.

Challenge what you know. Examine the beliefs/thoughts you have about HEALTH, SUCCESS, SPIRITUALITY, NUTRITION, FITNESS, RELATIONSHIPS…EVERYTHING!!!! You are a unique individual and are not limited to one definition, AND that definition will change over time as you continue to evolve.

The more I challenge what I thought to be true, the more I realize my capacity for shaping a new and better reality. It’s available for you too and I invite you to come along and explore. Want a partner on this journey? Schedule a call today to bring that reality to you NOW.

You can lift yourself out of the “emotional trap” when you stop living by others definitions and instead live by your own. So, are you up for the challenge?

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