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Photo: Nike
Would you risk it all for your beliefs?

Whether you are a fan of football or not. Whether you think you should be able to stand or kneel during the national anthem or not. Whether you think it is disrespectful to veterans or not. It is all besides the point. I was moved to tears by the image above of Colin Kaepernick, and the words of Nike. Yes, it is an advertisement, and yes, it is meant to be provoking, but my oh my, is it moving.The point is believing in something so fiercely you are willing to risk everything for it. I applaud Nike for taking a stand and especially give kudos to Kaepernick for believing so fiercely in something, and taking it a step further to actually have the courage to do something about it, even when it meant risking everything.

When you have that conviction in life, that belief, regardless of what others may think or say, it does not matter, because your belief supersedes it all. I share what I think not to impose my opinions on you, but instead to challenge you to think about what these ideas, thoughts, notions, etc., mean for you, and to heighten your awareness of what’s important.

I’m no Nike ad, that I know, but I want to move you to think about this question…what do you believe in so fiercely that you would be willing to risk everything for that belief?

I am here to challenge you, to open your mind, heart and soul to new perspectives, and to new ways of being…not because you aren’t great as you are already, because you are, but because I know you are limitless and you can be even greater than you allow yourself to think you are capable of being.

Are you willing to sacrifice mediocrity, safety, comfort, what you know…risk it all for the chance at being even greater than you already are, to step into your next level life, one that you are wildly obsessed with? I invite you to explore this with me on a deeper level in 1:1 coaching. Schedule your complimentary discovery call here.

So, my friend, believe. Believe wholeheartedly and hold steadfast to that belief, and know it is all worth the risk.

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