11 days into the year…

Did you set resolutions/intentions/goals for 2019? Have you chosen your words for the year? As of two days ago, I now have my three words! This year though, I didn’t push myself to come up with my words or pressure myself to make it happen by January 1st. I have to say, it already feels lighter and I’m confident the words I chose are in complete alignment with how I feel. How about you…where are you at?

Do you feel like you are on track, or have you already fallen off? And, are you beating yourself up because of it? I see it all the time. You claim it will be different this year — a fresh start. This will be THE year you finally lose the weight, eat healthier, exercise more, quit sugar, start journaling, meditate daily, etc. How’s that working out for you? I’m not here to judge you, but instead to give you a quick accountability check. How often do things stay the same, even though you vow it will be different this time around?

One thing I know for certain, no amount of beating yourself up for not doing it is going to make you do it. You can’t shame yourself into action, nor should you ever. Maybe you could consider trading the shaming, hating, and beating yourself up, for kindness, acceptance, and giving yourself grace. I’m guessing you haven’t tried that approach before. Makes you wonder what could happen when you make the trade, doesn’t it? 

Also, why do you want what you want? Instead of seeking a number on the scale, or six-pack, chiseled abs, or outside validation, go after the feeling what you want will give to you. How will it feel to be able to walk up three flights of stairs hauling all of your groceries without being out of breath, and instead feeling strong? How will it feel when you cross the finish line at your first 5K race? How will it feel when you look in the mirror and love the image staring back at you? 

Go for that feeling!!! Believe in your ability to feel that way. I want to help you get there. You don’t have to do this alone. Schedule a call with me to see if I am the right fit to be your guide on the side. 

It’s a choice — same old, same old…or doing it differently. What’s it going to be?

be well. love mel.

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