Are You a Person of Your Word?

What I have found is people will say they want something…whether it is to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, leave a job, get out of a bad relationship, etc., but then their actions do not match their words. They are more committed to staying where they are then they are committed to their growth, or even to themselves.

If you gave your word to someone that you would be there for them, then I’m guessing that you would, but do you hold yourself to that same standard when it comes to your own needs? The default for most is generally to break the commitment with themselves, and to put others needs before their own.

I’ve been thinking about commitment the last few days, as over 60 people signed up for the “Me First Method” Challenge. Yes, it is super awesome, but I also know that not even half of them will complete the full 5-day challenge, and some won’t even start it. “Why would they even sign up?,” you may be wondering. They want to change and put themselves on their own radar, but they aren’t committed to it, and they aren’t committed to themselves.

People will say they are, and they will say they want something, but it takes effort and at times it is uncomfortable, because it is outside of their normal. I get it…it feels safer to remain comfortable, doing what you always do, but their is no growth that comes from that. Sometimes it is about leaning into the discomfort to see what is possible.

It’s a new month and the final quarter of the year, which is a great time to reassess and to commit to yourself. Are you married to your excuses or to your growth? What are you committed to…for yourself? Again, your actions must match your words, because saying it is not enough. When you make a choice, take action, and commit to yourself to see it through, then you cannot lose!

There may only be two days left of the “Me First Method” Challenge, but you can still join and get all of the previous days too! Come and join the fun. There have been some incredible realizations and the people who are committed to it are already seeing the results.

I’ll ask again, what are you committed to? Don’t just say it, be it!

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