You are more than a number!

If you have ever been on a diet, then you are a statistic. It really doesn’t matter if you are on the winning side of the statistic or not, as diets are a losing proposition, and not in the way you would hope. If it were up to me, I would eradicate the word “diet” from everyone’s vocabulary. No matter how you slice it, a diet is a temporary fix.

Paleo, Whole 30, Atkins, Mediterranean, Zone, and on and on I could go, as I learned about more than 100 dietary theories alone during my certification for Health Coaching. The underlying theme with any of them though is that what works for one person does not work for every person. I’ve heard time and time again of couples going on a diet together, doing the exact same thing and one inevitably loses a significant amount of weight, while the other partner is left holding their head wondering what they are doing wrong, because the weight did not budge.

“One person’s food is another person’s poison.” – Joshua Rosenthal, Founder of Institute for Integrative Nutrition

That is why a cookie cutter approach or a one-size fits all will not work. It is about customizing a plan that works for you, and not a temporary fix, but a forever plan, a lifestyle. How do you do it? Creating healthy habits. You become a product of your habits, so it is about instilling daily habits that contribute to your wellbeing and transform your life.

This is the backbone of the BE HEALTHY 28-Day Program. There is so much noise in the marketplace, leading to confusion and overwhelm. This program cuts through the noise and becomes your customized plan to create your healthy lifestyle. No more diets, no more deprivation, no more statistics. You will crack the code on healthier living for good.

Act fast and register before August 18th, then you receive $100 off the cost of the program. Registration ends on August 25th, and the program starts on Monday, September 4th. Also, as a special BONUS, the first 10 people to registerwill get a FREE 30-minute coaching call with me!!!

Do you think being healthy as your natural habit is out of reach? I’m here to tell you it is not. If you want to be healthier, kick your health into high gear, and stop the weight loss battle for good, then register now for the BE HEALTHY 28-Day ProgramYour health will not wait for the “perfect” time. Now is the time to up level your health.

Any questions? Send me a note and let’s chat to see how this program can benefit you.



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